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Pure Storage FBAP_002 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Determine customer side capacity and performance requirements
  • Identify environmental hardware, software and logistic dependencies
Topic 2
  • Modify parameters for performance tuning
  • Identify a storage design and pain points
Topic 3
  • Map a customer use case to an appropriate class of storage
  • Identify use-cases where FlashBlade will be successful

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Pure Storage FlashBlade Certified Architect Professional (FBAP_002) Exam Sample Questions (Q37-Q42):


A customer is using the FlashBlade as an image database backup/restore target. The dataset that they are backing up is 100TB. The customer has a 5-day snapshot retention policy, and an average of 50TB of data change from day to day.

Which factor will alter the physical datasize?

  • A. Snapshot Retention
  • B. Erasure Coding
  • C. Write Size ***
  • D. RAID Overhead

Answer: B


A customer is implementing a new backup system using four backup appliances, with dual 10Gbps NICs writing to a FlashBlade. Each backup appliance can write at line speed.

What is the minimum number of 52TB blades to be able to handle this workload?

  • A. 35 blades
  • B. 15 blades
  • C. 8 blades ***
  • D. 27 blades

Answer: C


An oil company moves geological data between their offices in Dubai and Houston for redundancy. The data is accessed via NFS mounts on a cluster of three 10GB connected Linux servers at each location.

A series of cron jobs are leveraged to replicate data from data storage pool A in Dubai to data storage B in Houston and from data storage A in Houston to data storage pool B in Dubai.

Data in storage pool A is read-write, updated by 50 cellular connected data collector running in the field, and deleted after 30 days.

Data in the storage pool B is read-only, queried by the firm's analytics team, and copied to a cloud-based archive repository every 30 days.

The total amount of data in pool A in Dubai is 1.5PB

The total amount of data in pool B in Houston is 500TB

The data is not expected to grow in the next 12 months and is compressed by the application.

Which configuration should the architect present to meet this customer needs?

  • A. A Multi-Chassis FlashBlade with 17TB blades for each site and third-party replication software.
  • B. A Multi-Chassis FlashBlade with 52TB blades for each site focusing on simplicity.
  • C. A Multi-Chassis FlashBlade with 52TB blades for each site and third-party replication software. ***
  • D. A Multi-Chassis FlashBlade with 17TB blades for each site focusing on performance.

Answer: C


A customer is using an older nearline SAS scale-out storage system to store data that is a static size. The customer recently purchased several HPC appliances to use that data.

What happens to the workflow?

  • A. The older storage system does NOT use the same protocols as the newer HPC appliances.
  • B. The older storage system us unable to use the same network infrastructure as the newer HPC appliances.
  • C. The older storage system us unable to fulfill the performance demands of the newer HPC appliances.

  • D. The older storage system us unable to keep up with the capacity demands of the newer HPC appliances.

Answer: A


A customer reports far lower than expected performance on the FlashBlade, in a Oracle RMAN backup solution. The environment consists of four Oracle database nodes, each with 1x10Gb/s NIC, connected via NFS, to a fully populated FlashBlade chassis. Only a small number of blades are being used. Synthetic performance testing shows no performance issues in the network.

What should the architect suggest to causing this issue?

  • A. The FlashBlade only has 8x10Gb/s uplink connectivity to the customer's top of rack switches.
  • B. The sustained write performance of a 15 blade FlashBlade is 1.5GB/s
  • C. dNFS is not enabled on the Oracle nodes or the number of RMAN channels is too low. ***
  • D. Oracle RMAN uses HCC compression, so this a poor use case for FlashBlade.

Answer: C



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