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How to study the Implementing Cisco Service Provider VPN Services (300-515 SPVI) Exam

For the Implementing Cisco Service Provider VPN Services (300-515 SPVI) Exam, Cisco offers several options on their website. Cisco provides classroom training through which Cisco's authorised learning partners teach instructor-led classes all over the world. E-Learning solutions are provided be Cisco for exam preparation via selp-paced online courses. Students are highly encouraged to join Cisco's Certification communinty where they can join students from all over the world and learn together. After taking all the official training courses, 300-515 SPVI practice exams are must to get a proper understanding of exam format and question types. For further exam self-study materials, refer to the links down below:

Classroom TrainingE-LearningCertification CommunityPractice Exams

We recommend a combination of hands-on experience, completion of the training course, and self-study in the areas described in the Exam Outline section of this exam guide as preparation for this exam.

Hover on to Cisco's Website and complete the official training course provided for the exam. Check for the topics mentioned in the Exam Outline section of this guide to review the online documentation, tip sheets, and user guides and study the details relevant to those topics. Refer to the links at the end of this document for more study material.

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Cisco Implementing Cisco Service Provider VPN Services Sample Questions (Q59-Q64):


While troubleshooting EoMPLS configuration problems, which three parameters should an engineer match between the two ends of the pseudowire configurations? (Choose three.)

  • A. pseudowire ID
  • B. Xconnect group name
  • C. VLAN name
  • D. MTU size
  • E. control word usage
  • F. EFP subinterface number

Answer: A,D,E


Reference: l2vpn-pseudowire.html


Which two BGP attributes prevent loops in a route reflector environment? (Choose two.)

  • A. origin
  • B. originator ID
  • C. cluster ID
  • D. local preference
  • E. AS_PATH

Answer: B,C


Section: VPN Architecture



Refer to the exhibit.

Router 1 is a route reflector client within a service provider core PE1 cannot see VPNv4 routes received from the ASBR PE1 only has an iBGP relationship with Router 1. Which action resolves this issue?

  • A. Enable BGP default ipv4-unicast
  • B. Activate PE1 as a neighbor under the IPv4 address family.
  • C. Configure Router 1 as a route reflector for PE1 under the VPNv4 address family.
  • D. Configure PE1 to have an eBGP relationship with Router 1.

Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit. PE1 and PE2 are exchanging VPNv4 routes for CE1 and CE2, and PE3 contains the default route to the internet. If the three devices are operating normally, which two conclusions describe this configuration? (Choose two.)

  • A. Only the CE2 VRF can access the default route provided by the Internet VRF.
  • B. All three routers must be running a distance-vector routing protocol.
  • C. All three routers must be running MP-BGP.
  • D. The CE1 and CE2 VRFs can access the default route provided by the Internet VRF.
  • E. The CE1 and CE2 VRFs can exchange routes only between their respective VRFs on PE1 and PE2.

Answer: C,E


Section: Layer 3 VPNs


Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer is implementing an MPLS P2MP TE solution. Which type of router can serve as the midpoint router and the tailend router in this P2MP TE network implementation?

  • A. headend
  • B. transit
  • C. bud
  • D. source

Answer: C

Explanation: xe-3s-asr920-book/mp-te-path-setup-xe-3s-asr920-book_chapter_01.html



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